If you were issued a citation, and it was enhanced due to distracted driving, it will be listed separately on your citation.

Citations that have a distracted driving specification may require an additional $100 fine.

You have the following options to take care of your citation:

  1. Appear in court at the date and time stated at the bottom of your citation.
  2. Pay the enhanced fine. The enhancement will be $100 added onto the original waiver amount.
  3. In lieu of paying the enhanced $100 fine, you can complete a distracted driver safety course (at no cost to you) by clicking: ohio-driver-training. Upon successful completion of this course you must submit your printed course completion certificate along with the original waiver amount to the court. Completion certificate must accompany your waiver payment or must be filed with the court before the ticket is paid.

**Payment or payment and completion certificate must be submitted to the court by the court date stated at the bottom of your citation. There will be no refunds once the waiver and enhanced fines are paid even if the completion certificate is filed.